Monday, 8 November 2010

To Store Wine

How to Store Wine

If one is new to the world of wines, they may wonder how they can store their wine so that when the time comes to pull out the cork, their wine tastes as good as it possibly can. There are a few tips for wine lovers out there who wish to learn how to store their wine at home. For optimal wine taste, storing in the following manner is highly recommended.

Always Store Bottles on Their Side

Frequently, one who buys a bottle of wine now and then will either put it right in their refrigerator or pantry, depending on the type of wine that it is. This is fine if one is going to open it up that day but if not, storing the bottle on its side is crucial. The best way to do so is in a wine rack. The wine rack can be as simple or as ornate as one would like it to be so long as the storage unit does the trick of keeping the bottle on its side until it is time to open it up.

Keep Temperature Moderate

It is also vital that the place in which the wine is stored is of a moderate temperature. A good average temperature for a wine storage area is approximately 50 to 60 degrees, although a little bit higher or lower should not do much harm. It is important that the temperature does not fluctuate too greatly in the storage area.

Avoid Spots with Constant Vibration

It is also best to store wine in area where constant vibrations are not a factor. Therefore, high traffic areas where individuals constantly walk back and forth would not be the best option for storing wine in a wine rack or other type of storage area. Areas which see the least traffic by individuals are optimal for wine storage.

Try to Avoid Areas with Constant Light

Light is another item which may disturb the wine. This is especially true with sparkling wines. In order to eliminate the light issue, one should store wine in an area where it is not exposed to too much light.

Locations with Average Amounts of Humidity

Humidity factors may also play a hand in ruining bottles of wine as well as the corks which keep the wine in place. It is important to store the wine bottles in an area that sees a moderate amount of humidity but not too much humidity. It has been noted that approximately 70% of humidity is key.

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