Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Beijing China Tours Tips

I have already introduced all scenic spots of Beijing in the preceding articles. I think that it is necessary to write an article about Beijing China tours tips. Maybe you are planning to travel to Beijing, but if you have never been to China, Beijing is a strange place for you, so I want to give you some tips. The tips may help you to avoid some trouble.

1. Scenic Spots of Beijing: There are more than 300 scenic spots in Beijing. In fact it is impossible to visit all scenic spots, so I recommend some typical tour places: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, The Ming Tombs, Eastern Qing Tombs. These scenic spots are all very famous. Of course you have other choices, for example Beijing Siheyuan (quadrangle dwellings) and Hutong (alley) tour, Beijing parks tour, Beijing temples tour, etc.

2. Lodging: I think this is one of problems that you care about most. I advise you to book a room before travelling. The price of hotels is higher within Third Ring Road in Beijing. It is unnecessary to live within Third Ring Road, because the traffic network of Beijing is very developed. Living in a little farther place can save much money.

3. Vehicle: You can choose bus, subway or taxi. Bus is crowded; taxi is expensive; so I think the best traffic tool is the subway, the fare is 2 yuan, and is extremely convenient.

4. Shopping: Talk about shopping most people will think of Wangfujing. Wangfujing is indeed the shopping center of Beijing. However, the people that go to Wangfujing to do shopping, 90% are travelers. The main shopping place of Beijinger is Xi Dan, Chongwenmen, Zhong Guan-cun. Why is not Wangfujing? The reason is the things of Wangfujing are too expensive. If you want to buy clothing or shoes, I advise you to go to Xi Dan; if you want to buy electronic product, I advise you to go to Zhong Guan-cun.

5. Food: I think this is another focal point of China tour. As is known to everyone, Chinese food is world-famous. So once you come to Beijing, do not miss famous Beijing food and snack. I highly recommend Beijing roast duck and instant-boiled mutton.

I hope these tips are helpful to your China tour. The climate of Beijing is a bit dry, I advise you to eat more fruits. Ok! Welcome to Beijing; Welcome to China.

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