Monday, 8 November 2010

Choosing a Winery Tour

Tips for Choosing a Winery Tour

There are so many wonderful things which one can say about wine. Although to some, wine is simply a beverage whereas to others, it is a way of life. Many activities focus around the topic of wine and one such activity is that of a winery tour. Taking a winery tour is a great way to learn about the winemaking process, sample different wines and enjoy the day with others who share one’s passion. The following will describe some tips for choosing the perfect winery tour to indulge in.

Choose a Winery Tour Which Is All-Encompassing

If one is going to set out for a day of wine-related activities, it is wise to choose a winery tour which features a lot of different activities. Although some wineries offer only tours of the winemaking facilities and do not offer wine tasting, it is a good idea to select a winery which offers both. This helps to make the day more fulfilling and one can not only learn how the wine is produced but also be able to sample some of the results of the hard labor.

Select a Winery Tour Which Features Favored Wines

Certain wineries and vineyards may produce specific types of favored wines, such as Cabernets or Merlots. In fact, many wineries have a specialty of the house in which they are known for the particular wine in the wine community. By touring a winery which produces the visitor’s favorite wine selection, the attendee will be more likely to enjoy the tour than if the tour focused on a less favored variety. With a little independent research, the wine tour attendee can find out ahead of time which wineries feature their favorites.

Consider Smaller, Less Commercial Wineries

Although many individuals are likely to visit the more highly applauded and recognized wineries, one should not discount the smaller, less commercial winery tours. Some of the best winery tours are given by wineries which may not have the most well known name in the wine industry and these tours may be more desirable in many ways. Therefore, even though it can come in handy to read up on highly celebrated wineries, visiting the smaller local wineries may yield better results.


Embarking on a winery tour is a great way to learn about wine and sample some favorite wines as well. When choosing a winery tour, one should choose an all-encompassing type of tour, select one which features an individual’s favorite wines and try to choose smaller, less commercial wineries. By following these tips, the wine enthusiast will be most likely to choose the winery tour which suits them best.

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