Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tour Safety Tips

Transportation Safety Tips

While traveling you should always keep in mind certain transportation safety tips as well:-

    * Always choose the safest mode of transport for traveling. Do check its previous safety track record.
    * Be mindful of other passengers traveling with you and never hesitate to report any suspicious act to the concerned authorities.
    * Never share cab or taxi with strangers. As carjacking is the biggest threat for a traveler.
    * While traveling by flight, always pay attention to the preflight briefing about closest emergency exit door, fastening your seat belts properly, applying oxygen masks and other important details to be followed in case of emergency.
    * Do not ignore all significant details provided by flight attendant. They are prime source of aid in case of emergency and unexpected turbulence.
    * Wear money belts, hidden neck and waist pouches, hidden pocket wallets and zippered compartments under your clothes to avoid pick pocketing.

Hotel Safety Tips

Choosing the safest accommodation at an unknown place could be a biggest concern for you. Therefore be aware of certain tips while choosing a safest hotel for your self.

    * Never hesitate to choose the best and safest hotel in town.
    * Always carry all the important documents with you while going out of your hotel room.
    * Double check window and door locks before leaving the hotel room.
    * Prefer to keep your important luggage at receptions locker.
    * Get well versed with emergency exits, fire escapes, emergency stairwells to be used in case of emergency.

Women Safety Tips

Women travelers can become easy prey to thieves and burglars in a strange place therefore they should remain extra cautious while traveling abroad. Certain basic safety tips which shall be followed by every women traveler are as follows:-

    * Try sticking and shopping at the safest part of the city.
    * Avoid getting overfriendly with strangers.
    * Never stay out late at night especially at strange places.
    * Do not wear expensive jewelry or odd clothes while traveling as it may attract burglars.
    * Try to carry an international cell phone along with you while traveling so that you can contact someone in case of emergency.
    * Prefer wearing money belts and hidden pouches under your clothes to avoid pick pocketing.
    * Pregnant women should avoid prolonged sitting and dehydration inside an aircraft. Prefer carrying water bottle along with you. Increase the intake of liquids to stay fit while traveling.

Child safety tips

If you are carrying your child along with you while traveling then do tag on some basic safety tips

    * Make your child is well versed with his/her home address and contact number of any family member to be used in case of an emergency.
    * Do keep a close eye on your kid and do not allow him to go beyond your reach.
    * Prefer carrying hygienic food for your kid while traveling rather then buying him unhygienic food from road side food stalls.
    * Make you child well informed with road safety rules, hold their fingers while crossing the road or getting on to the train or bus.

To make most out of your trip these basic general safety tips can prove to be very helpful.

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