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a Bicycle Tour Vacation

It seems green is everywhere in the media and with good reason; environmentally friendly travel is not only good for the environment - it’s good for the individual too. DuVine bicycle tour vacations are the perfect blend of elegance, adventure and eco friendly travel all wrapped up into one beautiful experience.

Unlike some eco-friendly travel clubs, DuVine understands comfort and convenience are still important even on a bicycle tour vacation. Every detail of our bicycle tours are planned well in advance allowing participants to concentrate on the scenery and sheer relaxation. Here are a few other tips for taking a green vacation:

1. Go digital. Use a digital camera to capture the beauty. Leave the wildlife and natural resources alone.

2. Conserve energy. Bicycles are one of the most environmentally friendly products on earth and the great outdoors require nothing more than free sunshine and fresh air. Make the most of the trip by purchasing re-usable water filter cups and other low impact solutions.

3. Don't purchase souvenirs from old-growth forests or other hard to replace natural resources. Promote sustainability when traveling by buying responsibly.

4. Consume locally. One of the major benefits of a bicycle tour vacation is the ability to get up close and personal. Few things are more exciting than partaking of the traditional foods, local cuisine and other unique culture of the area.

See the world as it was meant to be and leave it just as pristine for the next generation while enjoying a bicycle trip to remember!

Honeymoon Bike Tours

After spending so much time and effort planning the wedding, many young couples feel exhausted, overwhelmed and less concerned when it comes to planning the honeymoon. Don't make the same mistake! Your honeymoon is that special time just for the two of you to reflect and celebrate your new lives together.

 Fortunately, DuVine makes it easy to plan the perfect honeymoon bike tour. We can handle all the reservations, accommodations and plans leaving you free to relax and spend time together. Chances are we have exceptional bicycle tours for a honeymoon to compliment your wedding plans that you won't resist.

Fairy Tale Romance: Is your wedding straight out of a romance novel? Imagine a honeymoon bike tour through Europe complete with castles and picnics. Travel at your own pace through quaint towns, start the day when you want and sleep like a princess when the day is done.

Adventurous: Planning to tie the knot in an out of the ordinary way or location? Why settle for a boring two-week honeymoon locked on a cruise ship or sitting on a beach? Plan something that reflects who you are as individuals and as a newlywed couple. DuVine bike tours for honeymooners include exotic destinations, such as New Zealand, or you can create your own destination...and destiny.

Red Hot Lovers: If the passion never seems to end then check out Duvine Latin bike tours in Chile or Argentina. Feast on the flavors and local culture then tango the night away. It's the perfect blend of spice and luxury to relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

How to Select the Perfect Family Bike Tour

Family bicycle vacations in Europe are a great way to spend quality time with the kids, have fun and relax. But perhaps you are having trouble deciding on the type of bike tour that will suit your family best. Don't worry - we have you covered. Use these quick and easy steps to select the perfect bike tour for your family.

 1. Educational: Immerse your family in the customs, sights and sounds of the local culture. Use the family bike tour as a way to practice a foreign language, and make learning come alive for younger children as you explore Europe by bicycle.

2. Adventure: Have a pack of wild teens that never sit still? Want to spend some quality time with your adult children? Make this a family vacation they will remember. From whitewater rafting down the Mendoza River to the French Alps Legends tour, DuVine provides as much adventure as you desire.

3. Heritage: Explore your family roots and ancestry by taking a DuVine family bike tour through Spain, France, Argentina, Chile and other destinations around the world.

4. Luxury: Yes, it is possible to have a luxury bike tour even with children. DuVine specializes in making sure your every need - and whim - is satisfied for you and the children, including kid-friendly food choices and back-up vehicle support for parents or children that run out of steam!

Making Memories: Family Bicycle Tours

Research recently conducted by a UK group found working parents spend less than 20 minutes per day with their children. Even if your situation isn't quite that dire, chances are you still could enjoy more quality time as a family. After all, they grow up fast.

 DuVine family bicycle tours were created just for families; filled with adventure yet safe enough for the little ones in your group, it is a trip everyone will love and remember for years to come. Whether taking a family bicycle tour in Europe or a short domestic trip, here’s what your kids can look forward to:

1. Beautiful Photographs: Kids love cameras. Combine that with their unique way of seeing the world and you might be surprised how much you learn about their dreams and aspirations. Before the bike trip begins, buy a digital camera and journal for each family member to record thoughts, feelings and inspirations along the way. It is sure to be an instant family heirloom!

2. Souvenir Swap: Set aside a specific amount for souvenirs along the way— with the caveat that each person must give something special to another family member to commemorate the trip.

3. History: Allow your children to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the trip. Before the trip rent a few movies or watch a show about the local history, foods, customs and cultures. It will be even more exciting to try it in "real life" and they won't even know it's educational!

4. Tales & Together Time: Brush up on a few good bed-time stories to read together as a family after dinner and leave the business behind.

Redefining Retirement

The Baby Boom generation is redefining retirement. Gone are the days when a gold watch signified thirty years of service to a company followed by endless days of Shuffleboard and golf. Today’s Boomers are actively pursuing the destinations and dreams unavailable during their working years.

If you are a loved one are nearing retirement request information about DuVine private biking trips. From guided European bike tours to walking tours through Burgundy, Ireland and Tuscany, it is the perfect way to unwind and re-connect with life outside of the workplace. Whether retirement is a year (or a week) away, whets your appetite for the sublime with this quick countdown to retirement checklist:

1. Start a retirement wish list: Take your spouse out to dinner and revisit those plans and goals you had when you were first married.

2. Stock the library: Buy those books, movies and, of course, travel guides that you have been putting off for years.

3. Get Fit: From hiking to biking and yoga to wine tasting, a DuVine bike tour is good for the body, mind and soul.

4. Take up a new hobby: Photography, writing, travel and exploration...there is a great big world just waiting to be seen. Even if you are well traveled, nothing will compare to taking the time to immerse yourself in the local scenery and culture.

5. Rekindle the romance: Nothing brings you closer to nature or your loved ones than the intimacy of a bike tour. Progress at your own pace while sharing the best scenery, food, wine and hotels available.

See the world as you never have before with a DuVine bike tour.

Times of Your Life: Dates to Remember

There are certain times in life that call for something special, when the ordinary just won't do. DuVine specializes in the extraordinary; where private biking trips are more than a vacation, they become memories that last a lifetime.

 A bike tour is great way to commemorate those special dates including:

     * Anniversary
    * Birthday
    * Retirement
    * Promotion
    * Graduation
    * Honeymoon
    * Just Because

If you are searching for the perfect gift for that special someone, request a DuVine brochure or consider a private biking trip created just for the occasion. DuVine can assist in arranging all of the pre and post travel plans including transportation, accommodations and reservations, allowing you and your loved ones to simply enjoy time together.

 Not sure if a biking tour is the perfect gift? Use our handy Memory Maker quiz to discover the hidden dreams and desires of your loved one and then call a friendly DuVine

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