Sunday, 10 October 2010

tour guide Tom Brady

 the new issue of American Airlines' in-flight mag, American Way, Pats QB Tom Brady talks about his favorite places around Boston to eat, drink, dance, shop, and, of course, chill. The metrosexual Super Bowl MVP does a passable impression of travel guide Rick Steves in recommending hotels, restaurants, and even a dessert bar.
The Colonnade: "The rooms are very unique, all very different. Some have a piano or a library. I've got this image of Richard Gere in `Pretty Woman' playing piano for Julia Roberts."
Nine Zero: "A lot of my friends like staying there because it's a younger crowd, a little trendier, like the Mondrian in LA."
Il Panino: "My favorite. The veal chop is to die for, and their mushroom risotto is off the charts."
Abe & Louie's: "They have a fabulous porterhouse, a big piece of meat. It's got a wonderful setting -- a lot of wood, a little bit darker, kind of regal."
Blue Ginger: "I recommend the black-crusted lobster. It's making my mouth water just talking about it."
No. 9 Park: "I recommend the chef's tasting menu."
Mistral: "I had a killer appetizer there, a filet mignon pizza. Their calamari is excellent."
Siros: "Excellent food and service and they can cater to a big crowd like the Bradys."
Finale: "Cool. Yes, I like dessert, creme brulee or anything that involves chocolate helps keep a smile on my face."
News: "My favorite place to hang out before or after dinner. It's a younger crowd. The music is always great."
Whiskey Park: "The furniture is a big part of it -- comfortable, cool couches -- and great music -- rock, blues, hip-hop, electronic music. You know, the ladies, they always like to dance, but it usually takes us guys a couple [drinks] to get going."
Zegna: "It's where I usually get my suits, but they also have great golf stuff."
Niketown: "Being an athlete, I'm always peeking my head into Niketown."
Stephanie's: "A great lunch place with a cool sidewalk."
Armani Cafe: "A little trendy but it has good food."
Sonsie: "A personal favorite."
Ciao Bella: "Very much like being at a Paris brasserie, where you sit outside, drink coffee and everyone faces the street to enjoy the other people walking by."
Boston Common: "There's nothing like a park in the middle of the city. You realize you can sit and read a book or walk a few hundred yards and be at a cool restaurant.

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