Thursday, 25 August 2011

Helicopter Tour Tips

Hawaii Helicopter Tour Tips A helicopter tour in Hawaii is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways to really see the islands for what they are - jewels of beauty in the expansive Pacific Ocean. The vast majority of the islands can only be seen from the air, so a helicopter tour is one of our top recommendations for visitors when they come to Hawaii. The views are beyond describing in text, they are simply phenomenal and more than you could dare to dream about. By no other method can you see the island's hidden valleys bursting with waterfalls, the verdant rainforests that drape the windward side of each island, or the many volcanic craters that tell the story of how these islands came to be through millions of years of eruptions. Hawaii is incredibly eclectic and unique, boasting a diversity you simply will not find anywhere else on the planet - and to really appreciate it all, to really witness it before your own eyes, a helicopter tour is the way to go.

So you're convinced... a helicopter tour is in the works. There's definitely some tips and suggestions we can share, as we've been on our fair share of helicopter rides in Hawaii. We've flown with the doors on and with them off. We've flown in lots of different types of aircraft, and we've seen a lot of amazing things from the lava at Pu`u O`o on the Big Island of Hawaii to the dozens of waterfalls tucked into Wai`ale`ale crater on Kauai. Now we'll share some of our experiences and tips with you through 10 quick tips.

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