Saturday, 16 October 2010

How to Go Sightseeing in New York

    New York offers seemingly endless choices of attractions and sites, from the viewpoint at Empire State Building to the historical legacy at the Statue of Liberty. For many first-time visitors, the list of sightseeing activities seems overwhelming. Fortunately, the city is geared towards tourists, and with proper planning, visitors can choose exactly which attractions they want to see and how they want to see them.
    • Step 1

      Research the attractions, sites and events prior to visiting. Travel guide books like Frommer's offers a list with important information like operating hours and admission fees of many popular attractions. Time Out Magazine is also an excellent source that lists weekly events, from restaurant openings to concerts. The Village Voice, primarily found in downtown neighborhoods, offers information on alternative sightseeing options like the Sex Museum and the many off-off-Broadway shows.
    • Step 2

      Dress comfortably. Sightseeing in New York typically requires a lot of walking. The city is a pedestrian-friendly city, and walking is one of the best ways to view the architecture, eat at local restaurants and stroll through the parks. It is important to wear comfortable shoes.
    • Step 3

      Choose appropriate sites. Young children may not be interested in seeing paintings from the Renaissance era at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but might thoroughly enjoy a visit to the New York Aquarium. Consider lesser-known attractions to cater to the entire family.
    • Step 4

      Decide on how to see the sites and plan accordingly. New York City offers a wide variety of organized sightseeing tours. Tours are offered on buses, limos and even helicopters. Many walking-tours in important neighborhoods like the East Village and Harlem are another popular option particularly for visitors interested in sites with history and culture. Most tours require reservations ahead of time.
    • Step 5

      Use the mass transportation. New York has one of the most reliable mass transportation systems in the world. Buses, subways and taxis run 24 hours a day and are the most convenient way of traveling in the city. Subway maps are available online at the Metropolitan Transportation of Authority's website. Additionally, subways and buses run less frequently in the evening, particularly after midnight.

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